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Marijuana is still a drug highly banned in most parts of the world. However, its medical use is legal when regulated. Countries like Canada and some parts of the USA abide by this rule and have been doing so for years. But last year, marijuana has been placed on center stage when Colorado approved a law lifting the ban against marijuana use for recreational purposes. Because the move was so controversial, many officials are re-thinking their stand on the recreational use of marijuana. They’re organizing now to make the same statement-making pursuits but things in Canada are looking much different lately.

The Root of the Problem

There are only so many ways a medical marijuana program can run things in amok. Patients taking medical marijuana in Canada believe that it won’t take long for the Government to completely ban the use of this drug completely. And it’s not because of what the patients are doing wrong. They call the organizing body running the medical marijuana program in Canada “Health Canada”, but not for the exemplary work they’re doing. If you’re in Canada and in need of medical marijuana, take a step back because things don’t seem to be in tip-top condition for THE organization supposedly running the show. So basically, you become part of the group that’s already having problems but they’re not telling everyone about it. One reason for this is their utter failure to recognize the kind of hitches they’re getting themselves into.

The Many Ways to Screw Things Up

What they don’t know is they’re eventually leading the path to marijuana misuse in the future. They’re doing it by encouraging a form of disruptive leadership where making mistakes that should matter in the long run isn’t cleaned up. This is encouraging confusion for the honest user and addicts alike. Marijuana Magazine published an article about the Top 6 Ways Health Canada is Screwing Up Medical Marijuana. The article tackles the many mistakes this organization is making and their lack of oversight in dealing with their own programs. Here are 2 BIG things they’re doing wrong now:

Out of date Information

They’re supposedly the sole authority of anything marijuana related and its correct use. Naturally, people would look to them for information. They should be taking care of everything – even the minutest of details on a pamphlet – to be updated and correct. As a government agency, part of the job is to put out all types of material, data and statistics for people to be guided accordingly. But they don’t seem to be doing that. You can’t rely on them for accuracy, even on their own programs. Going to the website would give you dangerously erroneous information leading any researcher to believe this is the truth. One update they’re supposed to NOT (or can’t afford to) be wrong about are the recent court decisions on marijuana medical access regulations by law enforcement. In it, the law requires patients to destroy plants and dried marijuana by April 1, 2014. This was also the supposedly “latest update” for the matter. But that ruling has been superseded. So anyone believing false information could be put in dangerous situations for following rules that no longer apply.

It’s NOT prescription, just a special permit

As it is, marijuana access requires a doctor to fill out special paperwork to allow patients to get this legally. Health Canada insists not to call these as prescriptions since marijuana isn’t a type pf medicine that’s usually “prescribed” for a medicinal purpose. The form that’s needed to go through Health Canada is only a special “permit” that doctors can charge a fee for filling out. They’re literally allowed to charge patients an arbitrary fee on marijuana permits because they’re not legally permitted to charge for prescriptions on anything else. Why does Health Canada permit this abuse? It seems the law is clear – people are asked to pay twice for marijuana that surely fits into the prescription meds category. For the moment, Health Canada is firm on the belief that medical marijuana should be strictly regulated. The only reason for existing is to make its use less accessible to the people in order to prevent wide-spread use. Should marijuana fall into the wrong hands, they’re addicting. There’s a reason for banning them anyway. That’s actually an admirable goal should they show more initiative in making people believe what they stand for. They shouldn’t slack around on information dissemination and must rev up on programs that actually aim at helping people, not confuse them in the long run.

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  1. I was victim of a work accident which left me quadriplegic for a period of 16 months… Was on 30 pills/day costing the system over 2000$ / month and killing me.
    YOU make me puke when I see how BIG PHARMA has numbed your reduced cerebral cortex to the point of CREATING BULLSHIT scares towards the SAFEST medication on Earth !

    When the sick in a country are relegated to be dependant of CHEMICAL PILLS… You know your Health Care system is FUCKED… CANNABIS got me off 30 pills a day, got me back on my FEET !, made me a better person, focussed, with ambition and compassion…
    FUCK OFF HEALTH CANADA… There is no such thing as Marijuana addiction… PILLS KILL

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  2. I am commenting on Health Canada’s decision to NOT allow patients to grow their own marijauna. I realize that this issue is “up in the air” right now due to court challenges. There are a number of reasons why I am FOR allowing people to grow their own MJ. First of all, many people that need MJ will not be able to afford having to purchase it from a licensed grower.
    Second, and I believe more importantly, the whole plant is an important nutritional and medical entity. Juicing the fresh leaves from the plant could be considered a nutritional supplement. If people have to buy “dried, irradiated powder” from a grower, the juicing option will not be available!
    Therefore, I STRONGLY recommend that Health Canada review & change their policy regarding the growing of marijauna for patients.
    It is only a matter of time before the prohibition of this extremely medicinal plant is rescinded!

    Thank you,
    Jim Joyce

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  3. “Should marijuana fall into the wrong hands, they’re addicting. There’s a reason for banning them anyway” cannabis is NOT addictive as defined by the medical community, you should learn to do your research better.

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  4. Thats great and very helpful not only to children but also to teachers of the children like me. If teachers of the word of God follow this, then I think our children will grow with a wide knowledge about the Bible. May God bless your organisation thanks.

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