The toll of making edible marijuana in New Jersey more friendly

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Pot Candies

Edible marijuana now looking like candies for children
Image: Courtesy Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office

In a world where marijuana is still considered a prohibited substance, why are people making edible pot look attractive these days? There’s only one reason for that – marketing.

As more states are following Colorado’s move to lift the ban against marijuana for recreational purposes, manufacturers and distributors are thinking of better ways to sell their products.

At first marijuana can be smoked (inhaled) and now it can be enjoyed as a delectable treat as well. Edible marijuana is entering the marketing these days in a shiny new wrapper for people to enjoy. And it’s all legal.

So where’s the problem exactly?

Eating marijuana can have its disadvantages especially when they are taken accidentally by innocent children. In New Jersey, edible marijuana has been linked to the hospitalization of a 12-year-old. Last week, the truth about what happened really put New Jersey on high alert.

A Bitter Truth to Swallow

Making marijuana edible didn’t seem to be much of a problem until manufacturers started making them more attractive. But by doing this, sales shot to the roof. Business was booming until people started eating more of it and getting sick or dying in the process.

Edible marijuana has allegedly caused 1 more death of a teenager in Denver, Colorado where the recreational use of marijuana is decriminalized.

The parents of a New Jersey 12-year-old boy was cleaning out their sofa when they saw a half-eaten candy bar with the cannabis leaf on the wrapper. To their surprise, their son admitted eating the candy which caused him to be brought to the hospital to get treated.

The drug apparently caused him high blood pressure and lethargy which was unbeknownst to him and his parents. He was taken to the poison center to get the treatment. His parents believed that their son got lucky because they were able to call him out on it.

Incidents like this are new and it’s causing a great deal of concern for other parents too. If the candy is now prolific, should New Jersey really make recreational marijuana legal in the state? State Sen. Nicholas Scutari seems to think it’s a good reason to try. As an advocate for legalizing marijuana, he believes that making it available legally is one way to tax it, regulate it properly and “take it out from underground.”

The availability of marijuana in New Jersey would bring a whole new light to the situation. If they’re made legal now, then so would its manufacture and distribution.

But that’s not what the police are really saying. There has been a spotting of the so-called pot candies or “jollies” as they’re known in the streets, all over town. Apparently samples are now being given away everywhere. This is why it came as no surprise that one could have ended up in the hands of one little boy who decided to try it for himself.

The dangerous of THC in marijuana

The real danger lies in the appearance of the candies, according to New Jersey Police. The packaging is what attracts most young people who get curious easily. They believe that young people are extremely at risk of acquiring an addiction because of this.

What’s in Pot Candies that’s making people sick?

Reports say that each candy possesses a high dose of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol– a dose meant for adults to ingest in smaller pieces. They’re just totally unaware now that children are likely to swallow it whole because they don’t know any better.

Pot candies and wax marijuana – all edible forms of weed are starting to show up in the market lately. Both of them contain high doses of THC and also appear to be candies that can be bought off a store. That, alone, poses a bigger threat to the health safety of children.

Incidents like this are what’s fueling the debate on whether or not to make pot legal in the state of New Jersey. Some pot advocates choke up the incidents to inexperience – isolated incidents that can be prevented later on when the legalization is in place.

But if your children’s lives are at stake, would you really risk having any prohibited substance looking like candy bars to be distributed openly for children to see? Enough said.

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