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How to Detox Marijuana

If you’ve applied to a new job and now you need to learn how to detox marijuana, there are a number of products out there that are designed to help mask the presence of THC in your system and there are also some products that will actually help to flush marijuana out of your system. More and more companies are including drug screening as part of the hiring process and over eighty percent of companies that have been surveyed, now perform testing in order to determine if a potential employer is a smoker, a risk of which could potentially increase a company’s insurance rates.

What to Know Before Starting a Detox for Drug Test – How to Detox Marijuana

There are currently four main types of drug tests that are performed for employment testing. The number one method, which is also the cheapest, is the urine screening. This type of testing procedure will basically involve an individual urinating into a specimen cup. Employers will use a simple dip test at the time of specimen collection, in order to obtain immediate results, or they can choose the more expensive option and have it sent to a lab, where it will then be screened through a chromatography analysis. How to Detox Marijuana – The second most commonly used testing method is the hair follicle test. This type of test is actually very accurate and can go back six months or more, showing all toxins a person has used. Many people will try to get around this type of test by simply shaving their head, but what they aren’t aware of is that shaving the head won’t work because the lab staff will just get the hair from another part of the body. This can include pubic, underarm or leg hair. This is done if a person has hair that’s shorter than half an inch. The third method is considered to be very intrusive and involves obtaining a blood sample. This type of test is much more expensive, which means it’s not a commonly utilized testing method for employment. The fourth type of testing method is the newest and is rarely used and involves obtaining a saliva sample. This type of test will only be able to read toxins that have been in the body for one week to ten days prior.

Why it’s Important to Research Detox Methods – How to Detox Marijuana

If you need to perform a detox for drug test, be sure you do your research before going out in a panic and purchasing the most expensive detox for drug test product. Avoid using any toxins and stay away from people that are smoking, for at least two days prior, during your detox for drug test. If at all possible, during the detox for drug test process, try to have a healthy diet, at least a week before your test takes place. Foods that are high in fat and other types of junk foods, have been shown to slow down the detox process. Try and eat a diet that’s high in fiber and carbs. Do not skip a meal, especially breakfast, and eat often throughout the day. Never go on a crash diet to try and burn fat, as this will only immediately release the THC that has been stored in the body’s fat cells. Until the time of your test, eat light meals, avoid alcohol and over the counter drugs, as some OTCs can cause a false positive. How to Detox Marijuana For a period of forty-eight hours before the test takes place, consume at least six sixteen ounces of water a day. Water is essential to the body’s natural detox process. Drinking water can help to flush all of the THC out of your system, just be sure to not overdo it. When a lab notices urine that is lighter in color, they become suspicious that an individual is trying to dilute their urine for the purpose of masking the presence of THC. Part of lab testing will involve measuring the amount of creatinine in the urine. A low amount of creatinine in the urine is a red flag, meaning the individual has diluted their urine. This will result in a fail for your test. Now that you know how to perform a detox for drug test, do some research and find a product that can help to flush your system out, and not just mask the presence of THC for a few hours. Drug Test Detox that Works. How to Pass Drug Test for THC

Detox for Drug Test Tips. How to Detox Marijuana

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