Edible pot, a problem? What lawmakers are doing about it?

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Marijuana Goodies

Samples of Cannabis treats now made edible in Colorado
Image: Ed Andreski, Associated Press / NBC News

If they look this good to eat, why not try them out, right? What possible harm can come to those who do? There are many who speculate that it could it kill you.

But on whose good authority does it say you can get sick by eating any one of these edible pot treats? No one, as the government also doesn’t know what to do.

Last week, Colorado lawmakers are seeing a possible trend that’s putting the edible pot experiment to a grinding halt. By eating marijuana, people are put tremendously at risk; a little more than smoking pot does.

A new task force has been gathered to act as the watchdog that would be responsible for educating the masses properly on how to consume edible pot the proper way. They would also include various methods in ensuring that serious consumption-related incidents won’t happen again.

The Intoxicating Effect of Marijuana Edibles

Cookies laced with marijuana or pot candies shaped like candy bars and having all the colors of the rainbow are now starting to get introduced to the new market of recreational pot users in Colorado. This new trend is a booming business apparently for the state’s regulated pot industry.

Marijuana-infused foods are selling like pancakes, literally. It may also be entirely possible that someone out there has already made his breakfast pancakes out of marijuana.

Why are people doing this? Going edible is the new fad and a very practical solution for some people. Some choose the edible versions because they have serious health concerns about smoking the drug. Also, there are some places that prohibit the smoking of weed inside their premises like hotels and restaurants for fear of stinking up the place.

But apparently, this experimental move created by the pot industry maybe putting a lot of people at risk. The danger is taking the drug too quickly with potentially deadly consequences. Apparently, people are finding out the hard way that some unpleasant experiences can be felt as a direct result of eating too much marijuana.

People are starting to complain that they don’t know how much is “too much” pot to eat because no one is saying it. In other words, there are no strict regulations for it.

Labels instead of Stricter Regulations

The convention of the entire pot industry in Colorado included lawmakers, pot makers and regulators. The only topic on their agenda was their growing concerns on the unregulated edible pot that’s fast becoming a trend.

The meeting brought into light some of the worst case scenarios for introducing edible pot to the market. They also examined facts on how to prevent overdosing on the various delectable treats being presented to the public as safe edible pot.

One of the first moves was to make correct labels on marijuana-infused food items. So when people are buying them, they’d know exactly what they’re getting. The public must be made aware what ingredients are inside the edible pot they’re about to take.

For example, a typical packaging must contain the right symbols for when the food contains high traces of THC – marijuana’s lethal chemical – in it. It must be clear on the wrapper, readable and highly visible for any type of consumer to see.

Next, people must also be made aware through a series of educational media what the legal limits are like so: In Colorado, the THC limits in an edible product must be 10mg per serving and only a maximum of 10 servings present in a package. Manufacturers must also see to it their products are so labeled accordingly.

Lawmakers are seem to be contented with this solution. In the meantime, they’re hoping that Colorado residents are more vigilant now because of their ugly experiences from eating too much weed in the past.

The bottom line is this: All government regulations are meant to become guidelines only. Eventually, it’s the users, alone, which are held responsible for the amount of legal pot they ingest into their bodies. This way, lawmakers can wash their hands clean while making a ton of money as the pot industry grows rapidly by the day.

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