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Detox Kits for Weed

There are a number of methods these days that are used as detox kits for weed, for the purpose of cleansing the system of THC. Many of these methods are done using ingredients found around the home, vitamin supplements and herbal mixtures. Naturally detoxing from marijuana is definitely the ideal route to take, however, it will take a few weeks to entirely rid the body of THC, so if time is an issue for you, then your best bet will be to purchase detox kits for weed. The cost of detox kits can range from fifty to well over a hundred dollars. Most people will choose to purchase detox kits because they will immediately mask the presence of THC in the system. However, the effects of detox kits for weed will usually only last four to six hours, depending on the type you purchase. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the top selling detox kits and detox drinks, tell you how they work and what they cost, in order to educate you on the most effective detox kits and drinks on the market.

What you’ll find in Detox Kits for Weed

The full THC detox kit has a price of fifty-five dollars and is considered one of the best detox kits for weed on the market. Not only is this kit designed to flush the THC out of your system and actually help to naturally get you clean, but it will also aid in diluting your urine, which helps to make it harder to detect THC. This kit will also help to make your urine appear yellow and ensure that your creatinine levels remain normal so as to not cause suspicion from the lab staff. If lab staff notice that a person’s urine appears diluted they will flag the sample.

detox treatments Detox Kits for Weed

Detox Kits for Weed

A detox drink called Extra Clean is designed to immediately hide the THC in your system and is available online or in stores. The cost ranges from twenty to twenty-five dollars and has an active life of five hours.  This drink helps to dilute the urine and also make the urine appear yellow and undiluted. This is one of the best methods to use if you’re someone that needs to get clean in under two weeks.

Pills will be part of most detox kits for weed. You can purchase the pills separately or as part of a kit. These pills are pretty expensive, costing one-hundred dollars for eight pills. Most people will choose to purchase them if they are looking for work, which means they’ll probably undergo more than one drug test. These supplements are fast acting, which allows a person to still smoke even hours before a drug test takes place.

Ready Clean produces the top selling pill supplements for a price of $120. According to customer reviews these pills really work and can be taken as often as once a day, for the heavy smoker.

The Best Proven Method

Synthetic urine can also be part of a kit, or it can be purchased separately. If you’re someone who is a heavy user, than this method may be your best bet. You’ll simply need to switch out your urine with the synthetic urine, but you’ll need to be careful of the urine temperature. Most labs will test the specimen for the temperature, and a temp below normal will be flagged. This substance comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with a small amount of water. Obviously, you should only use this method if you’re able to urinate without supervision during the test. The cost of synthetic urine ranges from twenty to forty-five dollars.

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Top Selling Detox Kits for Weed

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